About Us

We create various useful and accessible tools for digital artists, architects, and designers. In this store, we present our brand new product – 3D models of people that we make using photogrammetry.

Although our models are generally made to be used in different kinds of projects, our first priority always was to make them a perfect match for our colleagues in the world of architectural visualization. We have worked in this industry for years and know how important people are for a complete presentation and what a pain it could be to find the right models. If you are, like us, constantly looking for solutions to make your renders shine, we definitely have something to offer.

We are now at the very beginning of creating our collection of 3D people, and will really appreciate your advice and comments on clothing and postures. Please contact us by email at hello@shapervisual.com, describing what kind of a person or a group of people you need for your project. If we are able to satisfy your demands, you will be the first who get access to the models once they are ready to use. Moreover, we will give you a 50% discount in gratitude for sharing your ideas with us.


About photogrammetry

In short, photogrammetry is a process, when special software determines spatial coordinates of an object based on a series of photographs. The technology works perfectly with static objects, but things get hugely complicated with people or animals. The reason for it is that even the slightest bit of the object’s move while shooting ruins the model completely.

The only known way to use photogrammetry for movable objects is to create a scanner with multiple cameras that would take pictures from different angles synchronously. We worked very hard to build such a scanner in our studio. Now we have an amazing station with built-in cameras allowing us to get full use of the technology.

Each model that we get using photogrammetry is then very carefully edited by our artists to bring everything to its place and make the model as easy to use as possible.